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Membership Hack: Member-generated Memes

It can be a fun way to engage members

The Grant Professionals Association (GPA) found a creative way to reach and engage members during an annual celebration of the profession: Tap into the internet’s love of memes.

How to hack it? A meme—a viral cultural symbol or idea that’s often shared on social media using a captioned photo—can be silly, dramatic, or sarcastic, and it can also be a way to engage members. During its annual International Grant Professionals Day celebration, which takes place on March 18 this year, GPA invites staff and members to create and share memes.

GPA first tried the meme campaign in 2017, when they were gaining popularity across the internet. The grant professionals’ memes are one-line zingers and “funnies that happen in a typical workday,” says Membership and Marketing Director Kelli Romero.

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