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How To De-clutter And Create Space On Your Google Drive

It's good to delete outdated files every so often

Clean Up Drive
With time, nearly every PC user is hopping on the cloud bandwagon and the trend has spread all over the world. Cloud storage is hailed as the future of data storage by technology giants and many of them are already offering their own services and packages. Technology behemoths like Apple, Microsoft and Google all have unveiled their specific cloud storage services in recent times.

Google Drive, in particular, has become very popular with home and business users alike - for its growing feature list and amazing ease of use. Besides, it offers great synchronization capabilities across devices and integrates tightly with Google services.

Google Drive was among the pioneers in cloud storage services to exceed the 10 GB threshold for free packages. It now offers 15GB of online storage space for free to any user who has a Gmail account. That sounds really good, but for some users that apparently huge space may get filled up sooner than expected!

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