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The Five Main Expectations Of Office Users For 2030

Today's users are connected and expect tomorrow's offices to be "smart"

Commercial real estate is now at a tipping point: the market office is gradually shifting from a functional approach, which prevailed for decades, to a user-centric one.

To better understand our clients' needs, we, along with 5 real estate companies that are members of our European sustainability and innovation think-tank, have chosen to listen, without intermediaries, to the occupants of our offices, our end clients. 140 people were interviewed in 6 countries in Europe through 18 focus groups. This is the first pan-European study on the evolution of workplaces from the perspective of users.

First, let's put an end to preconceived ideas. The general consensus is that age groups have different visions. For my part, I do not believe in a clash of generations with a relation to work and a relation to office space radically diverging between age groups. Millennials don't exist. The study, carried out by Harris Interactive in six European countries, is in-line with this deep conviction of mine.

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