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Daily Buzz: Turn Negative Insights Into Positive Lessons

Becoming data-driven exposes what is and what's not working

Becoming a data-driven association means you get direct insight into what is working—and also what isn’t.

“One of the most difficult situations an organization may face in the journey to become a data-driven entity is when findings suggest that the solutions that leaders championed for years may be causing more harm than good—and you’re a leader who championed them,” Colleen Dilenschneider explains on Know Your Own Bone.

When it comes to dealing with less-than-positive analytics, Dilenschneider recommends not taking it personally.

“Things are a bit different now than they were 20 years ago, and as a result, there’s an increased responsibility to understand how people think and behave today,” she says. “If data suggests that there’s room for improvement—as the most helpful data does—it may not be that the current leadership team ‘created’ that issue. It may be that we now have data and information available to identify the opportunity in the first place.”

Leaders should use these insights to shift focus onto how that data can work to push their industries in innovative, new directions. “Data can turn a light on in an otherwise dark room,” Dilenschneider says. “We may not like what we see, but it’s only by seeing it that the industry can move forward.”

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