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The Brands That Garner Most of Gen Z's Dollars

Understanding how they spend can explain how we should talk with them

Generation Z is becoming a big focus in retail.

Retailers are eyeing the opportunity and deciding how to woo this new crowd. With this in mind, Business Insider surveyed a group of more than 1,800 Americans between the age of 13 and 21 to find out how and where they spend their money. It was a national poll conducted with SurveyMonkey Audience partner Cint on behalf of Business Insider. The poll had 1,884 respondents and ran from January 11 through January 14.

In one question, we asked them to select the apparel brands that they have shopped at in the past six months. The list of 29 brands was pulled from the NRF's Top 100 Retailers list and Piper Jaffray's most recent set of surveys of teen spending habits.

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