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Daily Buzz: The Business Case For An Online Community

The development can be a challenging journey

It’s no secret that a well-thought-out and well-managed online community can contribute to your organization’s bottom line. But getting from Point A (developing a community) to Point B (reaping the benefits) can be a challenging journey.

“Much of that has to do with internal silos and a lack of understanding around the purpose of an online community and/or the ability to define it well within the overall strategy of the association,” says Marjorie Anderson on Community by Association.

How can you tell if your online community is making a contribution? Anderson says it starts when staff from other departments on the org chart start developing community-related objectives—which means your community has proven its value.

“When your association realizes the value of your community, you go from being an afterthought in strategic conversations to being essential to them,” Anderson says. “Conversations that used to leave you frustrated now leave you energized and excited for what’s ahead. Not only do your association leaders understand community value, but staff across the board understand where it connects into the business.”

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