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The United States of Stress

Americans are living shorter lives; the reason: stress

I hope you’ll tune in tonight to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s new HBO documentary, “One Nation Under Stress.” With its mix of scientific rigor and powerful, flesh-and-blood storytelling, it’s one of those rare shows with the potential to change your life. Because right now in America, we’re facing a stress epidemic that is literally a life-and-death issue. Seventy-five percent of our health care costs are stress-related and our life expectancy has fallen three years in a row.

Something is deeply wrong. And as Dr. Gupta shows, this crisis is about more than grim statistics. It’s about our ability to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. It’s about our definition of success and how we pursue a life of purpose. And it’s about the future of our country.

Please watch — not only to understand the depth of the crisis but to be reminded that we have more power than we realize to make changes. When we do, we’re not only helping ourselves, we become part of a much larger collective story.

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