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How to Make It As An Influencer

Plenty of new professions are just emerging

For all the talk of jobs that are going away, there are plenty of professions that are just emerging. This season, I plan to spotlight new types of work that are specific to the moment in which we live. I'll start with professional influencers.

Sure, famous people have hawked products on TV for years. But in the last decade, companies have begun investing more in paying people with large social followings to represent them. Brands are expected to spend $6.5 billion on influencer marketing this year. That's more than twice what they spent just two years ago.

Savvy professionals are figuring out how to harness this revenue source to fund other, more creative endeavors. They're people like Aminatou Sow. In this episode, I talk to Sow about how she prepared for her career as an influencer, what she prioritizes and where she thinks it's going. Later in the episode, Caroline Fairchild brings us an interview with a woman who started a talent agency to represent pets on Instagram.

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