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Hidden In Plain Sight: Advocacy as a Key Driver of Member Value

It denotes, "My association is fighting for me!"

For years, technology has been disrupting the traditional portfolio of association member-value offerings. Long gone are the days when associations were a one-stop shop for all their members’ needs, from information and education to discounted products and services. That’s why associations large and small are spending countless hours (and dollars!) these days searching for the next big thing to attract and retain members.

But what if that missing silver bullet is right under their collective noses? For many associations, there is a deep, untapped driver of member value already in-house just waiting to be unleashed: their advocacy.

To be sure, advocacy is nothing new for most associations. Across the country and around the world, thousands of associations work tirelessly to advance their members’ interests before policymakers and regulators. But how many consciously connect those efforts back to membership recruitment and retention? Far, far fewer.

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