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Daily Buzz: Streamline Your Credential Application Process

Credentials open doors to career opportunity, which is why more and more professionals are seeking them—so much so that higher education institutions and for-profit companies are joining the credentials marketplace.

With the increase in demand, now might be the perfect time to evaluate your certification application process. The MemberSuite blog has a few tips for creating an  experience that’s efficient and painless:

Focus on clarity. “Look for ways to make the process as clear and concise as possible,” the team writes. “Don’t make applicants think too hard or guess what they should have to do next. Use certification tracking software that allows you to design and configure an application workflow that guides applicants step by step through the application or renewal process.”

Keep applicants informed. “Credential holders want to be kept up-to-date on their certification status,” they say. “Help them stay in the loop by setting up automated email notifications that alert them to upcoming expiration and renewal dates.”

Enable self-service. “A member portal provides the self-service experience expected by professionals in your membership and market,” the team writes. “When you give applicants and credential holders the power to help themselves, your team also benefits as well—you won’t have to spend time fulfilling all those requests. However, always give portal visitors the option of talking to a real live person on staff for help if that’s their preference.”

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