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Five Things Twentysomethings Can Do To Get Ahead

It’s all about understanding your goals and skills

If you’re new to the workforce and looking to stand out from the pack, the best thing you can do is forge your own path. Part of that means not letting your parents take a leading role in the development of your budding career.

Following the recent college admissions scandal, the New York Times commissioned a survey to gain insight on the lengths that some parents would go to further their adult children’s career — and the results are disturbing. Parents typically only want what’s best for their children, but it’s entirely possible for that to go too far. 

The Times survey found many parents of people aged 18 to 28 have no problem taking action that ranges from unconventional to unethical when it comes to making sure their kids get or retain a job. For example, 11 percent of those surveyed said they would actually contact their child’s employer if there was an issue they thought needed to be addressed at work. Also troubling is the 16 percent of respondents who said that they had written at least a portion of their child’s job or internship application. 

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