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13 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood in One Minute or Less

You already have everything you need to feel better in seconds

Neuroscience tells us it only takes 60 seconds to course-correct from a stressed mood, but having a plan for those 60 seconds is key. So we asked members of the Thrive Global community to share their best tricks for boosting their mood in a minute or less.

From taking a “joke break” at work to interrupting negative thoughts with gratitude, to wishing others well (a technique that a new study found decreases stress and boosts happiness), we heard so many creative ideas — which will you be inspired to try?

Breathe in a citrus scent
“Though this is always an ongoing struggle, I do a few quick things to stay motivated at work: I keep citrus scents around me — I use a room spray and even an aromatherapy necklace. I also have a few mantras that I say to myself, with the most prominent one being, ‘What could you do?’ It helps me keep perspective on what’s in my control.”

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