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The 2018 Innovators in Travel, Hospitality and Aviation

Travel and tourism are interesting lenses to observe overall business

This column has long argued that hospitality is a creative and noble act. That anticipating needs, perfecting small details and generally acting in a gracious way is a very under-appreciated talent in the world. At the same time, travel and tourism are interesting lenses to observe overall business, consumer behavior, operations and also how these notions of hospitality and service evolves.

Following are some of the best, most sincere and or interesting experiences in aviation, hotels, design and elsewhere I’ve observed on the road this year, with takeaways that the industry can take from to make things better.

Best airport commute
The Singaporeans have not only perfected the actual airport arrival, but also the story that is told from the airport to the city via the landscape. Landing at the consistently excellent Changi airport in Singapore, you drive into the city through perfectly manicured vegetation.  It is not an accident that everything is this curated and meticulously thought out, and shows respect for both visitors and returning residents alike.

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