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Membership Hack: Chapter Services Lab

How staff can play a direct role in component relations problem-solving

Staff from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) play a direct role in component relations problem-solving. During its annual chapter summit, volunteers can ask questions and find answers at the chapter services lab.

How to hack it? Many associations host annual chapter summits as a way to hear from dedicated staff and volunteers. AAP offers a hands-on approach with its chapter services lab. The room, filled with AAP staff, is a place where chapter executives can ask questions on a range of issues, from membership and marketing to advocacy and social media strategy.

“The goal was for [chapter leaders] to come in, meet the staff they work with, and learn more about what we can do to assist them,” said AAP Senior Manager Annie Storey, CAE. This was the first year giving the lab a try, and 18 chapter leaders, including five first-time executive directors, attended. That was exactly the target audience AAP was aiming for, according to Storey.

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