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Daily Buzz: TSA’s Luggage-scanning Tech Is Getting Better

During security, laptops can soon stay securely in your bags

Good news for business travelers: Thanks to new Transportation Security Administration scanner technology, laptops can soon stay securely in your bags during security. (Can we get a "hallelujah?")

Last week, TSA signed a contract for 300 new carry-on luggage screening machines with computed tomography technology, reported Bloomberg Government. The CT machines create 3D images of bags’ contents and will be able to detect items current TSA regulations dictate flyers must remove during security, namely laptops and liquids.

“It’s not a little bit better, it’s a lot better,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske of the technology in a press call with Bloomberg Government.

For travelers, the new protocol also means a faster security process.

But don’t get too excited yet: The roll-out of the machines doesn’t begin until this summer, and TSA has yet to confirm which airports will receive them.

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