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Form Partnerships to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Your Industry

You don’t have to do it alone

In recent years, many organizations have made important strides in becoming more diverse and inclusive. However, despite these efforts, only 5 percent of 2018’s Fortune 500 CEOs were women, and at 16 of those companies, 72 percent of corporate leaders were white men. With nearly 160 million women in the workforce and 22 percent of the workforce identifying as members of a minority race, according to the Department of Labor, there is a clear need to diversify the C-suite.

For D+I to become a reality in workplaces everywhere, the mindset among professionals and organizations needs to change. Company leaders need to see D+I as a building block for their organization’s future success. Unfortunately, many do not know where to start with this work.

Associations can help promote this change. Leading the way on workforce and leadership D+I is a smart strategy for remaining relevant to members and ensuring long-term success and a robust talent pipeline in the industries and professions associations represent. While there are many ways to promote D+I, my organization, IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), has recently learned how valuable partnerships with other organizations can be to making progress in this area.

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