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Leadership: Create a Sense of Belonging Among Employees

This is an HR requirement and responsibility

A mountain of research spanning almost 200 years and looking across multiple cultures and contexts demonstrates beyond doubt that the single biggest predictor of our health, happiness and longevity is our sense of connectivity to one another.

More than genetics, diet, exercise, choice of career, or even where we live, what sustains us as individuals is not a factor that pertains to us as individuals at all – it is about community. We need to feel connected to each other. We need to feel, in other words, as though we belong.

In a work context, our sense of belonging is rooted in a myriad of small things – the building we turn up at every day, our walk from the station to get there, the name on our headed notepaper, the people around us who know that we get grumpy when Spurs lose. It’s in the traditions of the annual Christmas party through to the jargon and acronyms we use.

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