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Psychological Safety is the Key to Inclusion

For success to occur, senior leaders must start prioritizing talent

FEI Daily spoke with Julie Nugent, VP, Research and Chair, Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee, about organizational diversity and inclusion efforts, the difference between sponsors and mentors, and workplaces that work for women.

FEI Daily: How have you seen the event evolve over the years?
Julie Nugent: I've been at the company for 16 years. I've led research and I'll soon be in a new role leading our global learning. But when we started off doing our awards event it was obviously a much smaller event. And I also think that, at the time, there wasn't as much of a focus on inclusion. Diversity was very much the focus. 

So, really thinking about representation and those metrics were critically important.  But there wasn't as much focus paid to how organizations can truly embrace and develop inclusive cultures. And as we've evolved over the years there's much more of a focus on that. The world is already diverse. But how do we then make sure that our talent feels included? And that's the key to great workplace cultures. 

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