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Every Strategy Needs To Adjust To Reality

They require adjustments to address hidden biases, bad data

No strategy survives the realities of execution untouched. No matter how sound the basis for a strategy appears or how much it is vetted, everything discussed about the strategy during the strategic planning process remains theory and speculation until it is put to the test in the real world.

This is one reason why expecting to get the strategy “right” coming out of the gate is unrealistic. This is also why it is far more productive to invest quality time into standardizing a process for refining a strategy than it is to spend time trying to get the strategy completely right before beginning execution.

What Is Refining?
Refining is the process of freeing something from impurities or unwanted material. For a strategy, the impurities or unwanted materials are the obstacles to consistent and effective execution and the impediments to improved results. Whether it be for a metal or some other material, refinement is a critical stage in turning raw materials into something available for practical use.

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