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Daily Buzz: LinkedIn Wants to Plan Your Meeting

A new calendar tool seeks to streamline real-life meetups

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that can schedule meetings without toggling to another site or leaving the app—a way to keep its 600 million-plus users engaged longer and to capitalize on the platform’s fast-growing messaging function.

The tool, now available on Android devices and rolling out for iOS devices, is simple: Users can pull up their calendars by tapping a new “Availability” button within LinkedIn Messenger. Then, they may select and input potential time windows into the conversation.

LinkedIn can reference a user’s existing calendar systems, so maintaining a separate one in the app isn’t necessary, Social Media Today reports. Parties that settle on a mutual time might then use LinkedIn’s “Location” option within messaging to suggest and confirm a place to meet.

It isn’t the first time LinkedIn has tried to integrate scheduling capacity. A bot-based calendar search tool was discussed in 2016, but Social Media Today notes that the automated function “never seems to have seen the light of day.”

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