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Ohio Lawmakers Get Feedback on Plans For More School Funding

Two proposals are on the table

Ohio lawmakers considering public input on proposed changes to school funding are hearing from interested parties who say it's a solid start, but want more: more money for certain schools, more clarity on charter-school funding changes and more help for the economically disadvantaged.

Two proposals are on the table. One, crafted through a workgroup led by two lawmakers, would increase spending on schools by an estimated $1.2 billion over two years. The other, part of Republican Gov. Mike DeWine's budget proposal, calls for $550 million in new funding for services such as mental health counseling and after-school programs, especially in higher-poverty areas.

Ohio's school-funding system has been repeatedly adjusted since the state Supreme Court found it unconstitutional 22 years ago in what's known as the DeRolph case. Advocates say fairer funding could help address an achievement gap correlating to poverty.

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