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Flaws in Mueller Report Show What Not to Do With a PDF

So says the PDF Association

A lot of associations probably had interesting takes on the release of the Mueller report [PDF] last week. One that you may not have expected to hear from was the PDF Association, the organization that sets standards and best practices for the document format created by Adobe more than a quarter-century ago.

The group offered no opinion on the contents of the report, which details Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings from his nearly two-year  investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Instead, it took a close look at the form in which the Department of Justice distributed the document to the public: as a scanned-in PDF file. In fact, the association said its analysis suggests the document may have been scanned in at least twice.

“The fact that DOJ chose to deliver an ‘images only’ PDF forces a much larger file size and loss of searchable text,” Executive Director Duff Johnson wrote in a blog post. “Effectively, this process ‘dumbed down’ the PDF to a set of images—the same type of content that comes out of a scanner.”

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