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Four Ways to Re-engage Burned Out Staff

Sixty-four percent of employees say they're frequently stressed

Association staff members work hard and tend to care deeply about their work. That’s good news, but beware: The kind of driven, highly engaged, mission-oriented employee every organization wants is also a prime candidate for burnout. In a Deloitte survey, 87 percent of professionals claimed to be passionate about their current roles, and 64 percent said that they are “frequently stressed.”

At first glance, employee burnout might just look like a few bad days. But if an employee who used to be highly engaged and productive starts showing up late to work, taking frequent sick days, or running on a short fuse, you’re probably dealing with burnout.

Burnout isn’t inevitable or permanent, but if you’re noticing signs of it in your employees, it’s time to act. Here are four ways to re-engage staff who may be on the road to burning out.

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