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Five Tips for Improving Your Email Newsletter Workflow

No. 1 - carefully choose your tools

Whether you’re starting a newsletter or refreshing on an email product you’ve already built, a lot has to go right before you hit “send.” And that means you need to set yourself up for success with flexible tools and processes, as well as support from across the organization.

How to do that? These tips can get you started:

  1. Think hard about your content—and choose your tools carefully. Are you a curator or a writer? Doing essays or advocacy? Be careful to choose the right tools for creating your newsletter, depending on the content you intend to deliver. If you’re just curating links,a tool like MailChimp might be overkill. If you’re focused on heavy data use, something like Substack might not have all the bells and whistles you need. Meanwhile, if your newsletter is text-heavy, you may need a tool and workflow that minimizes manual work, so you’re not doing a lot of copying and pasting. Using tools like Zapier or RSS feeds to automate functionality could create efficiencies in the long run. The less time you’re editing in the interface, the more time you can spend on actual  content development and strategy.

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