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Business Must Re-imagine Its Mission To Save “The Other America”

Our nation is divided - harshly

In 2012, Charles Murray, the conservative economist, was among the first to identify this dramatic bifurcation in our country in his best seller, Coming Apart.  He described with clarity the tragic economic, social and moral divide between the two Americas.

The America which today is described as still world leader; the nation with a booming economy; historic low unemployment; with nosebleed, record-high stock market; and powerful GDP growth—reflects mostly some 20 percent of America. In that smaller America, all the statistics apply.

In the other 70-80 percent of America, the economy is horrific. The net worth of the vast majority of Americans has still not recovered from the 2008 crisis—where homes were lost, where net worth was decimated and, generally, where wages are still below inflation!

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