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Daily Buzz: Add Membership Value With An Online Learning Program

Online education keeps members on top of the industry

One of the biggest perks of associations is often continued education. And though these educational programs come in many forms, Colleen Bottorff writes on the MemberClicks blog that there’s never been a better time for online learning.

“Between advancements in different tools and the way we communicate, just about anyone can pretty easily create valuable, educational content to share,” she said.

Here’s how an online learning program offers more value to members:

  1. It makes education more accessible. “Whether your program is formal or simply a content delivery initiative, members will be able to access what they need when they need it,” Bottorff said. “And as an added bonus, that means a whole lot less work for your staff, too.”
  2. An online education system keeps members on top of the industry. “As technology continues to evolve, your industry will continue to adapt,” she said. “And your members will always turn to you to stay at the forefront of any changing policies, procedures, and best practices.”
  3. It’s a way to reach new members too. If your industry requires certification, Bottorff said adding an online learning program to your benefit package can also attract other professionals in the field.

“That quick and easy accessibility to all of your resources is key—and, paired with progress tracking via a learning management system, you’re looking at a total membership value gold mine,” she said.

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