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Does Your Association Need a Dedicated Day, Week or Month?

Days surrounding a cause or industry can help associations raise awareness

Everyone has seen unusual “holidays” or awareness days mentioned in the news. There are serious ones, like World Narcolepsy Day, and silly ones, like National Onion Ring Day. Have you ever wondered who declared these days, or if it’s something your association should be doing? Then read on, as we explore the world of created days, weeks, and months.

Public relations expert Joan Stewart said organizations create days to get more attention for their industry or cause. “This is a chance to use it as a springboard for publicity,” she said.

Stewart encouraged every association to create something—and not just a day. “I’m a big advocate of choosing a month,” said Stewart, president of Publicity Hound. “The reason I recommend a trade group or association picks a month of the year is because it gives you 30 opportunities to promote it. You are active that whole month.”

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