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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

Whether it's for a conference or personal travel, packing is a hassle

It’s all about losing the kilos – a happy traveler packs little and buys on the run for the odd unexpected, like an impromptu high tea with the queen. Talk to any seasoned traveler and, the more they travel, the less they pack. The globetrotter packs half as much as what they think they need and has access to twice as much money as they plan on spending.

Give yourself a stern talking to:

Weight: Give yourself a self-imposed rule of how much baggage you are prepared to lug around with you – think climbing stairs (especially in European train stations), over cobbled or maybe dirt bumpy lanes, jumping on and off trains/buses or keeping your bag with you when in a taxi, so the crooked driver can’t speed off with your bag still in the boot.

Same Same: Whether you are traveling for a week, a month or longer, pack the same amount. Even the most under-developed countries have a sink, if not a well, where you can wash your clothes. If you are going the luxury route, every hotel has a laundry service, and Asian countries have laundries usually down the road from accommodation houses. The shower is “the” pseudo laundry when all else fails.

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