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Five Tips for Successful Media Pitching

It is difficult standing out in today's crowded media environment

With so many businesses competing to get placements in the same media outlets, it can be hard to make your pitch stand out from the rest. Whether pitching regional or national outlets, your pitch needs to be top notch in order to succeed.

But how do you achieve this? From the subject line of your initial pitch to the way you follow up, here are five easy tips for successful media pitching:

  1. Update your media list. Before you start pitching, you should make sure you are reaching the right people. Look at your media list to make sure you aren’t missing any key reporters and double-check that any reporters you previously worked with haven’t been assigned to new beats. Do a quick internet search or use your favorite media software (I recommend Cision!) to make sure your list is up-to-date.

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