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How Leaders Can Help Employees With Stress Management

Here are some stress-management techniques to keep in mind

Sure, work stress is a fact of life, and it may be unavoidable when there’s a tough-to-digest project or a staffing crunch. But, as a manager, what can you do to ensure that the daily grind is a little more manageable for everyone? Here are a few ideas:

Keep expectations in check. You may think that your team can move mountains, but perhaps you shouldn’t force them to move mountains every day of the week. A study from Robert Half’s Accountemps noted 22 percent of workers cited unrealistic expectations of managers or supervisors as a main stress point. “If you work for a manager or CFO, the heavier the workload, the more it can add to stress, as you try to balance demands of the job with personal responsibilities,” the firm says in a blog post.

Remove things from employees’ plates. If staff are having to deal with particularly difficult problems that are outside the norm, that might be the time to outsource the normal stuff. As Thrive Global notes, a way to ease stress is to offload outside-the-office stuff, but things inside the office can be fair game as well. “If you find yourself constantly busy and without any time to relax, it is highly suggested that you find something in your life you can outsource,” marketing consultant Adeyemi Adetilewa writes.

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