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Daily Buzz: Improve IT Maturity

Too often, IT needs fall to the wayside

Where does the IT department fit in your association? Mike Guerrieri writes on the DelCor blog that, often enough, IT employees seem to be separated from the overall team, resulting in a lack of information or outdated systems.

It might be happening in your organization, too, if the IT team is not seen as a partner to the organization; outdated tools and processes are used; or custom solutions are developed when the same software has already been developed.

To improve IT maturity—and boost productivity as a result—Guerrieri says it starts with networking. “Most problems are not completely unique to your organization,” he says. “There’s a strong chance that others have solved them already. Use your network to find out what other organizations have done.”

Then, once you have a better understanding of what is going on in the industry, educate your team. This could mean attending IT conferences or investing in professional development.

“The IT field is broad and deep,” Guerrieri says. “If you’re lucky, you might have deep experience in a few areas. You must be able to admit the limits of your expertise and turn to others (vendor partners, colleagues outside your organization, etc.) when you need additional insight, knowledge, or experience.”

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