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Tech Groups Warn of Ripple Effects From App Store Ruling

As Apple is under fire, others worry about tech fall-out

This week, the Supreme Court of the United States opened the door to lawsuits against Apple over how it runs its App Store—and several associations are warning of potential risks to a key digital ecosystem.

The court’s ruling in ‌Apple, Inc. v. Pepper holds that lawsuits claiming that Apple unfairly keeps the price of apps high by running the App Store as a monopoly may go forward to trial. The plaintiffs argue that because Apple requires developers to sell their apps for iOS devices through the App Store and because consumers have no alternative outlets to purchase them, the business model amounts to an illegal monopoly.

The Supreme Court didn’t determine the merits of those claims, but the decision allowing the litigation to proceed is leading to a bevy of concerns from the tech industry, including some associations.

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