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Need to Cross Train Your Staff?

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I recently told you about a business coaching client of mine: Josh.  He had been in business over five years, and had done a great job of building up a loyal clientele and solid product portfolio. But he suffered from a lack of cross training in his business. He wasn't sure where to start and had already wasted a lot of valuable time creating policies and procedure manuals that no one was ever going to read. 

So I shared a few more tidbits to cross-training success with him. 

1. Drip don't drown. This is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when training their staff and one that I see every single day with new clients. When an employee wants to know how to do something or has a question on a process you don't have to give the full answer all at once.  Think of it like watering a plant, drip....don't drown.

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