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Fun and Games At Your Next Conference

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If you’ve been watching Jeopardy! recently, then you know that contestant James Holzhauer is on a winning streak. So far, he’s won $1.69 million in 22 games—and appears to be headed toward surpassing all-time money leader Ken Jennings’ $2.5 million.

His streak has also come with good news for the game show: Its ratings hit a 14-year high the week of April 29, with more than 14 million daily viewers. That was better than the same-day audiences for every Nielsen-rated show in prime time, including CBS’s broadcast leader The Big Bang Theory (12.49 million viewers) and the initial tune-in for HBO’s Game of Thrones (11.8 million, not including streaming).

Many people like me have been tuning in to cheer Holzhauer on and see if he can keep his streak up, and there are just as many others who are tuning in to watch him lose. But no matter what camp viewers fall into, it’s clear that people are entertained and talking about him.

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