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When It Comes To Building Relationships, Make Them Feel Important

People need to feel like they matter

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You wake up early to prep for a job interview, arrive at the location with plenty of time to spare and wait in the lobby for your interviewer. The hands on your watch slowly tick by as your nervously tap your hands on your knee. Nerves build up as the interviewer is five minutes late, then 10 and then 20.

When they finally come meet you and lead you to their office, they’re texting someone from their phone, barely looking at you as you attempt to make conversation. You brush this off and decide that they’re probably just having a busy morning, but then it gets worse. The interviewer barely looks up at you from their computer, interrupts you over and over again and takes a phone call halfway through the interview.

How do you feel as an interviewee? Would you want to work for that person? Of course not.

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