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Here's Why the OSAE Annual Conference is Your Best Bet this Summer

Understanding Ohio associations is OSAE's sweet spot

Limited budget. Limited time to attend all the conferences happening in Ohio this year. Limited resources, in general, tend to plague lots of associations, especially those who consider themselves on the smaller size. Here is why your resources are best spent in Toledo, June 19-21 at the OSAE Annual Conference.

First and foremost, the networking is just phenomenal. Attendees are all Ohio-based and committed to learning, growing, and serving members in Ohio. These are association professionals, properties, CVBs, and service providers who support associations in the Buckeye State, and who you will likely see time and time again at other OSAE events. They are local to Ohio, know the market, and understand the state's unique political and geographical issues.

There will be ample time to ask questions at the OSAE Annual Conference. Not only of the presenters - all of which are highly-vetted and engaging - but of other Ohio association professionals. This is where you can sit down to lunch, coffee, or drinks with other membership professionals, professional development coordinators, meeting planners, financial folks, and association communicators to ask a specific question. "Here is my issue. Have you dealt with anything similar? How did you solve it?" You will be amazed at the number of challenges that find solutions at this conference. I speak form years of personal experience.

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