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How To Prevent Potential Employees From Ghosting You

Ghosting is no longer limited to just the online dating realm

Ghosting: a term for disappearing or going missing in action without any explanation. You’ve probably heard it in the realms of the online dating world, where a romantic interest would cease all communication after a few dates. But it seems like it’s starting to creep into the professional space. As Fast Company previously reported, professional ghosting can mean anything from neglecting emails to not paying an invoice (and avoiding all contact with the contractor).

Workers are supposedly bringing the same etiquette (or lack thereof) they use on dates into the world of work, according to NPR. They don’t bother to give a resignation notice and are opting to skip on jobs without a text or email. The practice is so pervasive that “ghosting” appears in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Beige Book Report as an employment trend.

Ghosting has also become a routine part of recruiting. According to a survey conducted by market insight firm Clutch, almost half of job seekers feel it’s reasonable to ghost a potential employer. This trend is derailing the hiring process. In an attempt to get things back on track, recruiters are lining up twice as many applicants in anticipation of no-shows and being ghosted partway through the process.

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