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How a New CEO Can Communicate Openness

Communicate often and deeply

A new CEO arriving at an organization can get a little fixated on abstract questions: What’s my leadership style? How will I demonstrate my commitment to the organization’s mission? What tactics will I consider in executing its strategy? Meanwhile, the staff and members may simply be wondering: Who the heck are you?

We write a lot here about how CEOs and volunteer leaders can kick off their relationship in a positive way; my colleague Tim Ebner reported earlier this year about how a number of first-time association CEOs launched their tenures by building close relationships with their boards. At the top of the must-do list is a willingness to communicate, often and deeply. That can clarify who you are—and clarify what everybody’s expectations are from you as a leader.

But that’s just as true for staff and members, who increasingly feel that they ought to have a voice in the direction of the organization. So, there’s more pressure for you present yourself not just as a leader but also as a collaborator.

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