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Open, Consistent Communication Can Boost Engagement

Surveys can help employers understand where communications are lacking

A proven formula for organizational success involves employee engagement, which we define as the emotional connection people have with work, which leads to discretionary effort – extra time, energy, brainpower, a willingness to take on a stretch assignment, and more. In other words, engaged employees are highly motivated to help an organization achieve its goals. And multiple research studies show that companies with engaged employees have better financial results. 

Communications is a driving force for engagement. It is the spark that keeps the emotional attachment alive even in challenging times for an organization. By communicating information employees need to do their jobs, they see how what they do matters. Likewise, hearing about an organization’s future plans, achievements and even problems or issues creates opportunities for those in the organization to gain perspective on their own futures and make significant contributions to everyone’s success. Employees usually prefer to get this kind of information from interactions with their supervisors and managers, as well as from each other. Being treated fairly and with respect also helps them feel engaged. 

There is a clear link between communication and employee engagement. In fact, research shows that companies that communicate effectively are four times as likely to report high levels of employee engagement.

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