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Data Culture: Why Your Org Should Think Beyond Big Data

Don't segment your data into silos

You may be using data, but are you integrating data deep into your organization’s DNA? If you said “no,” welcome to the club. A recent study from NewVantage Partners makes the case that, while big data (and, by extension, artificial intelligence) are important, there’s more opportunity for organizations that build a culture around data.

Certainly, data is bringing measurable results, according to more than 60 percent of executives who responded to the ‌Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2019, but the challenge is trying to build on that work organizationally.

The report notes that 31 percent of respondents said they have a data-driven organization, while 28 percent said they have a “data culture.” Meanwhile, 87.8 percent of executives felt an urgency to further invest in initiatives driven by data.

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