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Improving Workplace Well-being Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Turnover

Reduce attrition by focusing on what you can change

In the association world, high employee turnover is an issue that plagues many, so HR staff are always looking for solutions. Turns out the answer is simple, according to the Myers-Briggs Company: improve workplace well-being.

“Organizations are struggling not just to find the right people but to retain the right people,” said Martin Boult, senior director of professional services and international training for Myers-Briggs. “If well-being is not considered in the workplace, organizations may be losing some of their best talent.”

Myers-Briggs surveyed more than 10,000 people from 131 countries for its recent report “Well-Being in the Workplace: Why It Matters for Organizational Performance and How to Improve It.” While it is tempting to equate well-being with happiness, the company said well-being requires seven elements: positive emotions, relationships, engagement, meaning, accomplishment; and low levels of anxiety, pessimism and depression.

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