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States To Be Hit Hardest By Trump’s Tariffs On Mexico

In 2018, Ohio imported $9.2 billion in products from Mexico

President Donald Trump’s plan to force Mexico to take a tougher approach to enforcement of its border, by ramping up tariffs on its products, will ripple through the United States, with consumers around the country paying more for cars, TVs, bluejeans, beer, fresh vegetables and other products.

For state economies, the impact of these rising prices depends on how reliant their major industries — from automakers to food producers to energy companies — are on suppliers in Mexico.

A 5 percent tariff on all goods coming from Mexico is set to go into effect on Monday, unless officials from the two countries can work out a deal that will satisfy Mr. Trump. On Wednesday, Mexico’s foreign minister met with Vice President Mike Pence and other American officials to discuss solutions to stem the flood of migrants, mostly from Central American countries, that have come over the southwestern border.

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