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Creating a Cybersecure Team

It’s important to share with employees the cost and impact of cybersecurity risks

Your organization is only as secure as your least vigilant employee. So, hardening your cybersecurity requires not only layers of sophisticated technology and threat detection, but also employees who are capable of becoming a cybersecure team. Minimizing the risk of a hacker penetrating your systems and reaching your employees should be goal number one, but cybersecurity is also the responsibility of every person on your team – from the CEO down.

Even as organizations focus on stronger cybersecurity measures and innovative technologies, it’s important to remember that in more than half of all data breaches, there is either inadvertent or purposeful employee or vendor involvement. Developing a strict culture of cybersecurity is another layer of protection and risk management that every business, school, government entity, and nonprofit should have in place.

A Cybersecure Team Doesn’t Just Happen: Train, Train and Train Again
Ongoing training is the foundation of a cybersecure team and a cybersecure organization. Because hackers continue to get more sophisticated in their efforts to penetrate your systems, it’s impossible to be prepared for every kind of attack without ongoing reminders about the latest threats and tactics that are being used. It used to be enough to tell your employees not to click on links or open files from strangers, but now, hackers are patient and adept at masking their locations and true intents. They’ll spend months collecting enough information to be able to infiltrate an email system and pretend to be someone who would send an email seemingly of some significance.

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