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Using Social Media Tools to Assist in Fundraising

Several tools to connect nonprofits with their supporters exist

Users of Facebook have likely seen the friend who, in honor of their birthday, wants donations made to a charity. And all you have to do to make it happen is click the handy link. If you’ve seen this, you may be wondering if this is something your association can do. Well, it could be, as Facebook, which owns Instagram, has created several tools to connect nonprofits with their supporters and raise funds.

“Once you’ve registered to collect donations on Facebook, people, public figures and brands that you work with can choose to support your organization through a variety of ways,” said Helen Wei, who works in product partnerships and charitable giving at Facebook. Wei spoke about online fundraising tools during a recent webinar hosted by Candid, the nonprofit formed when GuideStar merged with the Foundation Center.

The beauty of using social media for fundraising is the association gets to tap into its supporters’ networks. Wei noted that NBA player Stephen Curry requests supporters donate to a specific charity on his birthday via Facebook. While your association may not be besties with Curry, it can and should make use of the networks of its supporters.

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