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Daily Buzz: Develop Professional Growth Programs

Showcase personal and professional growth initiatives

Many people join associations seeking an avenue for personal and professional growth. And, if your organization doesn’t showcase that kind of value, you might see a dip in membership come renewal time.

The solution: Beef up your member development programs.

“Members don’t join ‘just because’—they do so because they want to benefit from your value,” writes Tatiana Morand on the Wild Apricot blog. “That’s why it’s so important that you find the right opportunities and incentives that draw in prospective members and engage current members.”

So, talk to members about what they are looking for in your association and develop programs based on their feedback. If professional learning ranks highly, then perhaps your organization should look into continuing education, certification courses, or subscriptions to related professional publications.

Another strategy: advocacy assistance.

“A fantastic way to engage your members through your advocacy work is by calling on them to participate as active volunteers,” Morand says. “This opportunity develops a member’s professional exposure and gives them a chance to serve on the front lines of public policy.”

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