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Report: Nonprofit Employees Happy, Yet There’s Room for Improvement

Closer employees and leadership alignment could make things better

Just because nonprofit employees feel pretty good about their current roles and positions doesn’t mean that things couldn’t be just a little bit better.

So says a new report from the nonprofit fundraising firm Classy, which reveals that 84 percent of respondents are at least somewhat satisfied with their current roles in their organizations, a number that jumps to 92 percent when focused on fundraising-only roles. Those well outpace employee-satisfaction levels seen in studies of the broader workforce, such as The Conference Board’s Labor Day survey from last year, which reported only 51 percent satisfaction.

Classy’s “World-Changing Work: The Modern Nonprofit Professional’s Experience,” timed around its 2019 Collaborative conference in Boston this week, notes that one major driving factor behind the satisfaction is the mission—so much so that many for-profit companies are starting to embrace the mission-driven ethos too.

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