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Toledo Museum’s ‘Life Is a Highway’ is well worth the trip

The automobile is ubiquitous

The automobile is ubiquitous. Anyone wanting to get away from cars will probably have to use one to make that journey.

“Life is a Highway: Art and American Car Culture,” opening tomorrow (Saturday, June 15) at the Toledo Museum of Art, reflects on how the automobile came to dominate our lives. It is, according to the museum, the first major museum exhibit to focus on the car. While undoubtedly a celebration, it also reflects on the technology’s dark side. Early on photographer Ralph Steiner lovingly captured close-up details of cars.

Photographers, curator Robin Reisenfeld said, were the first to treat automobiles as beautiful objects.  For them they were signs of technological innovation. Both technologies came into their own at the same time. Not surprisingly then, photographs play a large role in the exhibit.

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