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Chef Jonathon Sawyer Reveals Plans for Upcoming Cleveland and Columbus Projects

The cities will see new late summer/early fall concepts

Jonathon Sawyer has been pretty tight-lipped about his forthcoming projects, but the James Beard Award-winning chef is ready to go on the record about a pair of distinct concepts that will be rolling out in late summer/early fall in two separate cities. Sawyer’s presently is taking shape at the Van Aken District in Shaker Heights while SeeSaw is coming together in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus. 

“Where Sawyer’s and SeeSaw have commonality is what we’ve learned and loved at Trentina, where I think we were doing the best food that we’ve ever cooked,” the chef says about his now-shuttered fine-dining spot in Cleveland. “What we were doing with wood-fired cooking there was really unique, I think, and really unique to us.” 

Both kitchens will be anchored by custom-built grill suites that will be fueled by wood and charcoal. The live-fire rigs will have multiple cooking zones that can deliver everything from searing heat to gentle smoke. Sawyer can roast root vegetables buried deep in the ashes while cold-smoking fish high above the coals. Dripping juices from roasting meats will rain onto the embers, creating a tempest of smoke that seasons everything in sight. 

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