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We Asked, You Answered: Leaders Who Get It Right

We take inspiration from all types of leadership

Association professionals take inspiration from all types of leadership. We wanted to know: What leader do you admire, and why? Here’s how a few readers answered.

Commitment, passion, empathy, and integrity are just some of the traits of a great leader. We asked Associations Now readers to tell us about the leader they most admire, and why that person represents leadership at its best.

Deputy Chief Executive, National Council of University Research Administrators

Kim Moreland is the leader of the Grants and Contracts Division at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she has always been one of my greatest inspirations. Providing outstanding service in how her institution provides administration for research is a complex and ever-changing journey. Within all of this, Kim is technically outstanding, and her unique value proposition is her commitment to people, communication, and civility. She has taught me that leadership is not about perfection. It is about setting an intention for each day, each conversation, each situation to be hard on the problem and good to the people. She is the epitome of intelligence and graciousness, and I have modeled my career and my commitment after her to bring the best of myself to everything and everyone I encounter.

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