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Summer Benefits: Association Trades PTO for Networking

Consider some practical things prior to implementation

Many associations offer staff the option to take off every other Friday, if they work additional hours over the course of other days. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has added a twist to that concept and created a new program that emphasizes networking rather than more time sitting in the office.

“We had a new CEO, Barton James, who wanted to do something different,” said Todd Washam, ACCA’s director of industry and external relations. “One of his goals is for everyone on staff to have strong peer groups and friends in D.C. to rely on and learn from. He got his leadership team together and decided ‘let’s try something different'.”

ACCA previously had a traditional program that allowed staff to take off every other Friday by working extra time during the two-week pay period. However, few people took advantage of it, citing D.C.-area traffic, childcare and other family commitments as the reason they couldn’t stay longer on other days.

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